Jen K’s Book Exchange Post

Jen's booksSign up for the CBR book exchange only ended on Wednesday, and the first few packages have already been sent out.  As far as I know, this is the first one received!  Yay for Amazon!  Considering that I’m the organizer, I have to say I feel really weird being the first one to post.  Anyway, as you can see, I received three awesome books from Siege of The Caustic Critic.  I mentioned that I liked World War II, had an interest in historical disasters and enjoyed mysteries set in the past, and as you can see, her choices fit perfectly into those categories!

In case you can’t see, she sent me The King of the Castle by Victoria Holt, Cut to the Quick by Kate Ross and Miracles on the Water by Tom Nagorski.

Thank you so much!

Dany with books

Naturally, Dany had to investigate and give her seal of approval.  She was also very excited about the box the books came in (I had a picture but then realized that my address was prominently displayed on the box and the picture).

7 thoughts on “Jen K’s Book Exchange Post

  1. Bunnybean and Joemyjoe received a delightful package from Malin today. They’ve decided not to open the books until Christmas morning, and have already announced that these will be the first two presents they open! They are so very, very excited. Thanks, Malin!!

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