CBR Secret Gifter Book Exchange

Books are the PERFECT gift for any Cannonballer!

Books are the PERFECT gift for any Cannonballer!

Jen K suggested that it would be fun to do a Cannonball Read (CBR) Secret Gifter Book Exchange. This is completely voluntary, but we hope that you’ll do your shopping by heading on down the Cannonball Read Buy Hole amazon.com affiliate link. Just click the link, gaze at Ryan Gosling’s soulful stare on the linked poster, and then search and shop for any of your amazon.com needs. Anything you buy in that shopping trip after clicking the link will generate a percentage for CBR – 100% of that money goes to the American Cancer Society. Remember: Click, shop, F— Cancer!

Jen K will be handling all of the arrangements for the exchange, so please email her directly with any questions. The instructions below are from Jen.

The time line:

  • Sign up by 20 November.
  • Send a package to your recipient by 10 December.
  • Send an email to Jen when you send your package and when you receive your package so she can make sure everyone is on track. If you haven’t received a package by 1 Jan, send Jen an email.
  • Post a picture of your gift in a post on the group blog, and tag it with BookExchange

How to sign up:

Send an email to Jen at notesfromtheofficersclub@gmail.com and include the following information:

  1. Your Full Name and Mailing Address
  2. Your CBR Name
  3. We have some international Cannonballers, so she needs to know if you’re willing to send internationally.
  4. Whether you wish to remain anonymous (keep it as a “Secret Santa”)
  5. Some information to help your gifter – a wish list with 5-10 books (make sure there are paperbacks included in this since hard covers can get expensive), a list of favored authors and genres – fortunately, with this blog we should be able to get some ideas about what everyone likes. Also, anything you absolutely wouldn’t read.

Food for thought:

If you send a used book, make sure it is in a good condition– think like new. Feel free to add something to the package, like candy, something bookish, or something festive. There isn’t a money constraint on this, because the guidance “send a book or two with a small something extra” should restrain people from going too crazy and keep the monetary amount within limits.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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