AlabamaPink and Lil A

AlabamaPink and Lil A

The Cannonball Read (CBR) got its start in September 2008 on Pajiba as a battle royale between Prisco and AlabamaPink. The race was on to see who could read 100 books first within a year’s time. Other ‘Jibans wanted in, so they opened the competition to all who were willing to take up the challenge. Sadly, our Warrior Queen left us before she could complete the race, but Prisco and other participants forged on.

In the fall of 2009, a second Cannonball Read was organized. This time, over 100 ‘Jibans wanted in. Probably helped by the fact that the number of books to be read was made a bit more attainable, 52 in a year, though this year, reviews of books read were required. Thirteen participants made it to the the end; reading and reviewing 52 books between November 1, 2009 & October 31, 2010. For all of those who completed the challenge and to honor Miss Pink, a donation was made by Pajiba to the college fund for her son, Lil A.

CBR3 ended on December 31, 2011. Over 150 Pajibans participated, and their reviews counted in the thousands. This third races saw the advent of a group blog, where all participants posted reviews or links to reviews on their own blogs. During this race, Cannonballers could select a fraction of the whole 52, but donations still only counted for those completing the whole.

CBR4 ended on December 31, 2012.  243 people, including four junior Cannonballers read and reviewed, at best count, a grand total of 3,163 books!. Get all the details in our recap post.

And now we are on to FIVE!

Again, to encourage as many participants as possible, we are keeping levels to the Cannonball Read  whole (52), half (26),  and quarter (13) Cannonballs.   For all of those who complete the Whole Cannonball, Dustin Rowles, publisher of Pajiba, will make another donation to Lil A’s college fund.

Questions and comments about CBR5 can be directed to mswas, this year’s CBR organizer.