Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #93: Gallery Girl by Wendy Holden

holdenAlice is working in a very unhip traditional art gallery during the height of the Cool Britannia movement.  Unfortunately, there no longer appears to be a market for painting in this age where Zeb Spaw’s latest piece, five prosthetic legs painted gold, just sold for 20 million pounds.   When her gallery is closed, Alice makes the leap over to a modern art gallery, working for the diabolical Angelica.  How will Alice reconcile her own beliefs about what constitutes art, with what is celebrated in her new world?

Wendy Holden is a reliable standby for comedic chick lit stories set in England.  Yes, this is a light read but it celebrates its own silliness with caricatures of the art world and super wealthy.  It almost feels like the fluffy version of the Banksy movie Exit Through the Gift Shop, by showing the avariciousness of the art consumer, wanting to buy whatever the latest celebrity artist produces, without any thought as to whether it has any inherent value or if they actually even like it.  This book doesn’t offer any great revelations, but is a pleasant read set in an interesting world.

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