Lady Cordelia #CBR5 Review #94: Luther – The Calling by Neil Cross

200px-Luther_The_Calling_coverI was so excited to find this book – it was like getting an entire season of Luther as an unexpected gift.  Neil Cross is the creator and writer of the BBC series Luther as well as being a novelist.  He wrote this novel after the show had begun and as such, it meshes with the characters perfectly.

Luther: The Calling is the prequel to series one.  It is a simply perfect introduction to the characters and stories that are in play throughout the show.  Some of it you would already know – the pursuit of the man who had kidnapped a young girl and boarded her up inside a wall to suffocate.  But even knowing that ending to this story did not impact my enjoyment at all.  I loved getting to know more about these characters: Luther and Zoe, Benny (one of my faves from the show), the introduction of Justin Ripley into the team…  Without being gratuitous, Cross uses characteristics that are so instantly identifiable with the actors that portray those roles that it feels like you’re watching the show.

I don’t want to spoil anything in this review, but this book is a must-read for any fans of the show, or anyone who simply enjoys a good police procedural.  It does not depend on already knowing the characters, though I must admit that really added something to my interpretation.  It’s the inside scoop to Luther that made me find this such an incredibly gripping read.

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