Reginadelmar’s #CBR5 review #27 Where’d you go Bernadette by Maria Semple

Looking for a summer book? I highly recommend  Where’d you go Bernadette? for airports, planes, beaches or your back yard.  This book is like going to a party with good friends: not all stories are to be believed, there’s delicious food and drink and lots of laughter.  If you’re looking for “serious” literature  avoid Where’d you go Bernadette? Perhaps I liked this book because the book I read previously was such a slog.  After reading something that most often seemed so joyless, this book made me happy.  And who doesn’t want to be happy?

Like some of the other Cannonball reviewers Seattle is my hometown, so the snarky references to locals, weather and Microsoft culture made me laugh. (I do have a relative that works for MS who shuns Apple and Google. Who says you can’t buy loyalty?)  Semple’s Seattle is s a bit like Portlandia, we all have overwrought, overprivileged narcissists in our cities, so you don’t have to be a Seattlite to get the humor.

Plot synopses abound here at CBR, so I won’t bother.  Two thumbs up!

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