Jen K’s #CBR5 Review #80: Day After Night by Anita Diamant

Taking place at the Atlit Internment camp, a British run camp for illegal immigrants, in the fall of 1945, the novel tells the story of four Holocaust survivors in the camp, waiting to be released into Palestine. The four women all represent different backgrounds and experiences in the Holocaust – Zorah is a concentration camp survivor from Poland; Shayndel, also Polish, was part of the resistance; Leonie, a young French woman, survived through other means; and Tedi hid with a family in the Netherlands, her appereance allowing her to blend in. As the novel develops, the women slowly deal with their memories, survivors’ guilt and attempting to live again after all they have witnessed. One can see certain issues arising between the survivors based on the different ways they stayed alive, such as whether Tedi’s experiences can compare to those of a camp survivor. Though Tedi lost her whole family, she occasionally still feels that maybe her pain is trivial compared to people like Zorah.

Full Review.

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