Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review #16 – The Mystery of the Hidden Room by Marion Harvey

I do love my 1920s mysteries. This was yet another Kindle freebie, written around the time of Agatha Christie and all of the rest were being written. It takes place in New York City, which makes a nice change from all the English countryside cozies.

Our hero is summoned late at night to his ex-fiancee’s mansion – the one she shares with her awful husband. The awful husband’s amanuensis has been spying on the missus, and actually pieced together a ripped up letter she wrote to the ex-fiancee in a fit of pique. She never meant to send it, and was stuck with the awful husband for nasty family reasons.

The missus tells our hero that the awful husband plans to ruin him with the reconstructed letter, so he sends her into the office to retrieve the letter. She goes, and while she’s gone, he hears a gunshot. He runs to the office – the missus has dropped something heavy, and the awful husband is dead in his chair. So, clear case, right? Nope. Our hero decides to investigate himself, since the cops are sure it was the missus. His butler happens to also work with New York’s own Sherlock Holmes, Graydon McKelvie. Handy coincidence, that. They launch their own investigation, and that’s when the fun starts.

As you can tell by the title, a hidden room is involved. There are lots of twists and turns, although once you get into the story, the obvious whodunnit is whodiddit. The hows and the whys are where the mystery lies. It’s a fun book, and if you like Christie, or Sherlock Holmes, or any of those type of stories, you will enjoy this book.

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