WordPress Blog Invite: How To

To participate in CBR5, you will need to become an author on this blog. I will send you an email invite from WordPress to assign you a username and password. The invitation will say “Signup for a WordPress.com account. You can also sign in with your existing WordPress.com account if you already have one.”

Important: You must click “Accept Invitation” in that email after you sign up for a WordPress.com account (see below).

Sample email invite. Click ‘WordPress.com Account’ and then later click “Accept Invitation.”

If the email address you’ve associated with this blog is already a wordpress.com account, it should just add you as an author.

Get just a wordpress.com account or your own blog too.

If you do not have a wordpress.com account, you may be prompted to sign up for a blog. You don’t have to. You can just get an account that will allow you to post to this blog.

Note: After you sign up for a wordpress.com account, you must click “Accept Invitation” in the original email that you received from CBR5.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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