Julia’s #CBRV Review #17: The Sons of Macha by John Lenahan

9780007517770_p0_v2_s260x420I had been looking forward to the release of this book for months. Then I was looking forward to it coming in the mail, then reading it, and now I’m looking forward to reviewing it. The Sons of Macha by John Lenahan is the third and final book in his Shadowmagic trilogy. As I feel it’s always important to share by own bias, I was introduced to this series by way of the 2011 Red Dwarf Convention (Red Dwarf is a British sci-fi show, it’s great, check it out.) John Lenahan once played the voice of a talking toaster on said show, so he was invited to make an appearance at the convention. I soon learned that John Lenahan is also an author and magician. I bought book one of the series, Shadowmagic, at that convention and I’ve been hooked ever since. It didn’t hurt that John Lenahan is a charming human being and a seemingly, all-around great guy. He also performed actual, live magic! He was even good enough to pose for the below picture.

Pictured: bias.

Pictured: bias.

So will this review be fair and even? No, probably not. But I hope it at least encourages some of you to check out the Shadowmagic series (books one and two are available as free  audiobooks here: http://podiobooks.com/contributor/john-lenahan/), because now all I have to look forward to is whatever Mr. Lenahan decides to write next.

Onto the book itself, unfortunately, I’m beginning at the end. The Sons of Macha concludes the story of Conor O’Neil, a wise-cracking, smart-aleck teenager who has discovered that his father is not in simply a professor of ancient languages, but also the rightful ruler of the magical kingdom of Tir Na Nog. In book two of the series Conor discovers that his Uncle is actively attempting to launch a military assault against Castle Duir.  Conor is joined by his friends, Araf and Tuan, a pair of girls, Essa and Graysea, who may be fighting for his attention (he’s not quite sure), and his extended family. The actions of the characters are shadowed by the prophecies of Ona, a powerful witch who once predicted the fate of the kingdom. Sons of Macha tells the tale of the return of Macha, Conor’s Grandmother and mother to Conor’s Uncle and Father. Unfortunately, not all family reunions are joyous ones, and Macha ends up playing an unexpected role in the fight for Tir Na Nog.

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