Robert’s #CBR5 Review #06: The Guild: The Official Companion

The book used for this review was provided by Titan Books.

Felicia Day has quietly become one of my biggest online inspirations. I greatly admire the media empire she has built around the Internet and geek culture. The largest factor in this success is her original web series The Guild, about a group of six online gamers forced to meet in real life when one character appears unannounced on game addict Codex’s doorstep.

The Guild: The Official CompanionNow, after six seasons and many well-deserved awards, The Guild takes another step into the real world with The Guild: The Official Companion. This book is a series of interviews with the cast, crew, and producers detailing the history of the show, casting, fan reaction, and spin-off projects that helped turn The Guild into a success. The interviews are woven into a chronological narrative exploring the development and growth of the show.

This is the smartest approach to take with a book like this for a web series. Felicia Day gets the largest portion of the book to herself since she created the series, wrote all the screenplays, and starred in the show. Producer Kim Evey and director of Seasons 2-5 Sean Becker fill in with a lot of the other details. Each major player is introduced with a full page dedicated to their role in the show. Then, their responses are edited into season, event, and side project descriptions to create a richer story about the series.

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