Travis_J_Smith’s #CBR5 Review #153: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket


My problem with this is the same as the one I had with Brandon Sanderson’sAlcatraz series, which is that I don’t think it was as clever as it thought it was. Of course it’s not going to have a happy ending. The series is named A Series of Unfortunate Events. What else would you expect? You don’t need to keep reminding us that things are going to keep going wrong in the life of the Baudelaire children. That much is understood from the first page.

Likewise, I could do without the forced cleverness, such as the definitions we get on seemingly every page. Just stop and get on with telling us their (tragic) story already. After a while, I hoped it would actually go the way of an Alacatrazbook, with the story going against what the narrator’s been telling you all this time. That would have been unexpected; this not having a happy ending is not.

To its fans, I apologize, but I’ll stick with the movie starring Jim Carrey. With that, I can at least appreciate how devoted Carrey is to his role, and the overall look of the film.