HelloKatieO’S #CBR5 Review #21: The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe

Another selection from the Girls’ writer’s room reading list. As much as The Groupmade me think a lot about how little the way women interact with each other, and the world, has changed, I straight up enjoyed The Best of Everything much more.  Valley of the Dolls is one of my all time favorite books, definitely top 5, and I’ve easily read it 20 times.

This book had the same premise as Valley of the Dolls: a few young women all living in New York with the promise of something more – a show business career, finding love, becoming a career woman. And it takes place in around the same era. But The Best of Everything is the story of what happens to those girls if they never make it out of New York.

The stories of each character ended in a way that feels depressingly realistic. Some of the girls got their happy endings: the wedding, the baby, the man they wanted divorcing his wife. But some of the characters don’t – they’re abandoned by their lovers, screwed over by their jobs, or settling for a marriage that will surely be unsatisfactory. And most of that is by chance, or by circumstance.