Sophia’s #CBR5 Review #45: Click by Ori and Rom Brafman

ClickClick: The Magic of Instant Connections (2010) by Ori and Rom Brafman is one of those books that I noticed somewhere (probably on Amazon?) a long time ago and finally got around to reading. I’m a big fan of these fun, little pop psychological books. They allow me a glimpse into how our minds work and how we deal with relationships without being text-book heavy or self-help-book annoying. Click was also another audio book, but unlike some other audio books I’ve picked up, the interesting stories and conversational language made listening to this one much less of a chore.

Click really focuses on how we engage with people. And really, a lot of the book is common sense. After all, I bet everyone has experienced the sensation of “clicking” with someone, so we know that it makes us happy and we work better with people we “click” with. Despite this, Click is still worth reading because of the interesting anecdotes, and the sometimes surprising psychological studies that have been done on this subject.

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