Sara Habein’s #CBR5 Review #5: Seeds by Richard Horan

Seeds by Richard Horan (cover)I’m with Horan on the interesting nature of his project, and the potential it has for reforesting the descendants of old trees, as well as reminding us that some moments cannot be contained to a “sterile” museum. However, I wish Seeds were a better book. He needed to either go the straight history route, or — as I suspect straight history would be difficult for him to write — he needed to be more complete with the memoir side of his project. Though he says that these people were important to him, we don’t know a lot about why. Bits and pieces, sure, but like I said, it’s all very on the surface. I know what it’s like to be engrossed in a fun, personal project, and so I want to know all that very personal stuff. So it’s not that Seeds is a bad concept for a book; it’s that I wished the approach and execution were different. As it stands, it is a decent library check-out, but likely a disappointing purchase.

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