The Mama’s #CBR5 Review #65: Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews

breezeSavannah Breeze is Mary Kay Andrews’ follow up to Savannah Blues, and while Blues followed the adventures of Weezie, Breeze is her best friend BeBe Loudermilk’s story.

BeBe meets a handsome man at the Telfair Museum gala, and before you know it, she’s fallen in lust with him, and he’s run away with all her money. She’s forced out of her home (he sells it), she loses her business (she has no money), and she is left with nothing but a run down motel out on Tybee Island. The motel comes without furniture or roofs, at least in most rooms, but it also comes with gruffly handsome and mysterious Harry Sorrentino, the manager of sorts.

Harry’s not too thrilled with BeBe, BeBe can’t stand Harry, and she really can’t stand the Breeze Inn. But with no money and no prospects, she has no other choice but to max out her credit cards, fix the place up, and hope for the best. When the handsome cad who stole her money is spotted in Florida, BeBe decides to go after him.

All the old characters from Blues show up here – Weezie, Weezie’s bourbon-loving mom, Uncle James – but the man who steals the show is Grandpa Loudermilk. (In fact, if Grandma Loudermilk wasn’t still around, I’d suggest a Grandpa Loudermilk and Grandma Mazur spin off.) Grandpa tears himself away from the Weather Channel and his bowls of Cap’n Crunch long enough to join BeBe, Harry, and Weezie on their grand adventure to Fort Lauderdale, and the fearsome foursome devise a plan to get BeBe’s money back.

With a nice nod to Travis McGee that won her my loyalty forever, Andrews takes the reader on a fun ride. The only things missing were Lula and Grandma.

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The Mama’s #CBR5 Review #8: Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews

savannahbluesWeezie lives in the carriage house behind her ex-husband Talmadge Evans III’s home, where he is shacking up with Caroline, the woman for whom he left Weezie. Tal is kind of a jackass, and Caroline’s kind of a bitch, and when Caroline turns up dead, Weezie’s the prime suspect. Read more here.