Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #63: Agatha Raisin & The Love From Hell by M.C. Beaton



In case you can’t tell from the title, this instalment finds Agatha unhappily married to the man of her dreams. He disappears after a very public fight, then his mistress turns up dead. Of course. Full review is on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #59: Agatha Raisin & The Witch of Wyckhadden by M.C. Beaton


The ninth book in the inexhaustible Agatha Raisin books. Here we find our titular amateur sleuth hiding out in a hotel in Wyckhadden while she recovers from a previous case. But wherever Agatha goes, murder surely follows….. Full review here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #55: Agatha Raisin & The Wellspring of Death by M.C. Beaton



Another day, another Agatha Raisin mystery. This time, a water company’s plan to bottle and sell the water from a local spring has murderous repercussions. Agatha once again manages to save the day, despite having all the sleuthing skills of a box of hair. Full review is here