CBR Book Exchange!


My surprise gift arrived in the mail yesterday, from Ashlie! It is perfect – I have been very excited to read Atwood’s trilogy, and I am looking forward to trying The 19th Wife. The calendar is going with me to work today.

Ashlie, thank you so much. It was a very thoughtful gift, and I was so pleased and surprised. Also, thank you Jen for organizing!

Siege’s #CBR5 Book Swap Post!


I should have posted this earlier, but my gift swap books arrived from Llp, and they are AWESOME and exactly what I wanted! (There were also delicious chocolates, which I would have photographed too except they are ALL GONE.)

Thanks so much, Llp!

Best wishes to all Cannonballers through the holiday season (or just winter, if you aren’t a holiday person)! I hope to get back on Cannonballing track next year!