Arya of Winterfell’s #CBRV Review #22: Two Is Enough by Laura S. Scott

two isI accessed Laura S. Scott’s best-selling Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice via the library as an e-book and read it through my web-browser.  While this method of consuming a book worked well for me for this title, I doubt I’ll embark on reading like this again.  Well, certainly not for fiction.  Clicking through the stats and the case studies within Two is Enough made it seem more like research and this supported my ability to remain emotionally removed from my explorations into this topic.  I imagine that if I’d been curled up on the sofa reading the case studies in a regular book format the impression that I was reading a Chicken Soup for the Soul: For Couples Exploring the ‘Kids Question’ and I probably would have bawled.  Dry-eyed post-reading I was appreciative at least for the reassurance that is present throughout this book that there are growing numbers of childless by choice couples as well as growing acceptance and understanding of people who say two is enough.