loveallthis’s cbr5 review 02: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

cbr5 review 02: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Franzen has an interesting ability to make me care about a lot of terrible people. Manipulative, hurtful, thoughtless, awful people. (See The Corrections.)

Yet so delightful!

Freedom follows a Midwestern husband and wife (Walter and Patty Berglund), their kids, their parents, their lovers, and the fallout that comes from living for a while and having dreams.

This book made me think a lot about rock music, overpopulation, roofing, songbirds, basketball, stalkers, teenage sex, motels, and mining. Ambitious.

I can’t help but think, though, when I read a book like this, that someone like David Foster Wallace could do a little better with the same premise. A little wackier. Just as sad, but also more meaningful. So, one point off for what could have been – but still a solid four stars.

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