sonk’s #CBRV Review #37: American Ghost by Janis Owen

Jolie Hoyt is the cautious and reserved daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, living in Hendrix, a tiny town in rural Florida. On the night before her best friend, Lena, leaves for college, Jolie gets set up on a date with Sam Lense, an anthropology student at the University of Miami doing research on the racial makeup of the community. Uncharacteristically, she begins a passionate love affair with him, despite his outsider status in her tight-knit town; their relationship ends abruptly and violently when Sam is discovered to have delved too deeply into the town’s–and the Hoyt family’s– checkered past. Years later, they find themselves pushed together once more by a curious stranger, and they must revisit their relationship and Hendrix’s ugly history.

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