Julia’s #CBRV Review #4: Fuzzies and Other People by H. Beam Piper

fuzzies_other_peopleSo a bit of a disclaimer before I write this review. Fuzzies and Other People is the third book in the Fuzzy Series, preceded by Little Fuzzy and Fuzzy SapiensI have read neither of these books, and for all I know they add a great deal of richness and depth to Fuzzies and Other People, however, I would not know. I saw the cover of this book in a used bookstore, read the back, learned that the author had committed suicide before it had ever been published, and thought that was oddly tragic story for a cover that looked so cheesy, so I decided to buy it. I apologize for fans of the Fuzzies Series, since this review is less than a fair evaluation.

Disclaimer aside, I didn’t hate Fuzzies and Other People, in fact I liked it a great deal more than I thought I would. It takes place on the fictional world of Zarathustra. A new race of sentient “people,” Fuzzy sapiens, have been discovered and their rights are being paid for and decided by the humans who discovered them. However, the intentions of some humans are not as pure as others, and some see the childlike naivety of the Fuzzies as an opportunity to take advantage of them.

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