Julia’s #CBRV Review #8: Friday by Robert Heinlein

200px-Friday82Hoo boy. I’ll preface this book review by saying that Robert Heinlein is one of my favorite authors. And I think it’s the fact that he’s usually so good that has left me so disappointed with Friday. Here I am, excited to finally read a Heinlein book with a female protagonist, and I get this sex-crazed, obedient, objectified (to the point of ridiculousness) anti-role-model.

Heinlein has written strong female characters before, and that’s what Friday Baldwin is supposed to be. She’s an artificial person, stronger and smarter than her human counterparts, “[her] mother was a test tube and [her] father was a knife.” A highly trained courier for a shadowy organization, Friday’s boss is only known as “Boss,” and the nature and purpose of her missions are often unknown to her. Friday’s missions take her across the globe, and even into outer space. It’s not a bad idea for a novel, but the execution…the execution…

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