The Mama’s #CBR5 Review #39: A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand

A Summer Affair is the story of Claire Crispin, a wife and mother of four, who embarks on a year-long affair with Lock Dixon, the millionaire head of the local children’s charity. Claire is vaguely acquainted with Lock – she was friendly with his wife Daphne before a devastating car accident changed Daphne’s personality – when he asks her to not only co-chair the Nantucket Children’s Summer Gala, but to provide the auction item, a blown glass chandelier. Claire hasn’t been in her glass studio in over year, since a fall caused her to go in to premature labor with her youngest son, and she surprises everyone, including herself, by agreeing.

I’ve read other books from Hilderbrand, and this was definitely not my favorite.

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The Mama’s #CBR5 Review #27: The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand

castawaysWhen Tess and Greg MacAvoy mysteriously drown on a sailing trip on their twelfth anniversary, the remaining members of their group of friends – the Castaways – struggle to absorb and accept their loss.

Hilderbrand employs an interesting style, giving each of the six characters a voice, so that the reader is able to see all sides of the story. Each character feels responsible for Tess and Greg’s deaths, and the individual reasons are all revealed towards the end of the novel. Unfortunately, once those secrets come out, the novel wraps up far too quickly and neatly. With a different ending, this novel would have stayed with me, but instead, it left me disappointed.
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