Teresaelectro’s #CBR5 Review #4 – Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Dead Ever After is the last instalment in the Sookie Stackhouse book saga. The novel begins with Sookie fretting about her relationship with Eric. He’s been incommunicado after the events of Deadlocked. She is abruptly summoned to Fangtasia where they have a vampire divorce ceremony because Eric has to marry that new vampire Queen of Oklahoma. Before Sookie can descend into a puddle of sadness, she is accused of the murder of a local woman (& ex-friend) who is dumped behind Merlotte’s bar. Turns out, the devil is in town bringing together Sookie’s enemies from books past to string her up with a murder wrap. In a predictable turn, Sookie makes bail and aims to solve the case with the Bon Temps Scooby Gang.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #4 – Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

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I had forgotten to look out for this book until I read Malin’s review so I downloaded the book post haste. I didn’t get a chance to read it right away but once I did I jammed through the book fairly fast. I know that many people have issues with the documentation of mundane events in the books. I also do not really care about Sookie’s trip to Walmart but it is pretty cute that she goes shopping with a bunch of supes and divvies up the list to everyone. I don’t mind those aspects as much because Harris writes the characters in such a way that I don’t mind tagging along with them on errands and such. And often when on a random errand, something else does occur

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