sonk’s #CBR5 Review #52: Crazy Salad by Nora Ephron

I met my CBR5 goal!!!!! I’ve participated in three Cannonball reads so far, and this is the first one where I’ve actually been able to read 52 books. I’m so excited!

Book #52 was Crazy Salad, by the great Nora Ephron. It’s a compilation of pieces written by Ephron for Esquire magazine in the 1970s, all of them dealing with, in one way or another, women. Ephron was an outspoken feminist with a wicked sense of humor, and so most of these columns are as entertaining as they are informative. She covers a huge range of topics, from Linda Lovelace and Deepthroat to the Pillsbury Bake-Off to meditations on breasts to reflections on the women associated with Nixon and the Watergate scandal (and many, many other things). Some of the pieces are more traditionally journalistic and others are just variations on the personal essay, and this variety just serves to highlight Ephron’s skill as a writer.

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