Travis_J_Smith’s #CBR5 Review #163: OCD Love Story by Cory Ann Haydu


Please, be aware that OCD Love Story is not your typical YA fare. Haydu’s characters aren’t the lovably quirky folk that people with psychiatric disorders are often turned into by lesser writers; Bea and Beck are screwed up, and OCD Love Story is about them coming to terms with that fact, each of them assisting the other in no one’s idea of a romantic courtship. Reading it, I was reminded of Neil Hilborn’s performance, which was posted on Pajiba not too long ago.

OCD Love Story is like if Hilborn had fallen for the rough female equivalent of himself, if the two of them were even deeper down that rabbit hole called OCD, yet resistant to accepting the reality of the neuroses that threaten to cripple them mentally and barrel roughshod through their already precarious lives. Continue reading