Captain Tuttle’s #CBR5 Review #17 – City of Darkness (City of Mystery) by Kim Wright

Yet another Kindle freebie, the first in a series of three (at least so far). I picked this up because it was free, and have since grabbed the other two as well. I like the free aspect of it, because that way if the book stinks, I don’t feel bad or like I’ve wasted any money. I also picked this up because I do love a good serial killer mystery, even more so if Jack the Ripper is involved.

It’s 1888, London, and Jack the Ripper is doing his thing. The police are trying to stop him, but are helpless. This is because up until now, murders were solved by looking at the why, not the how. There was no room in their philosophy for random, senseless murders. Trevor Welles is one of the detectives investigating the murders, and ends up in charge of the investigation. Trevor is interested in forensics, which is being pioneered by the French (and we all know how the French and English felt about each other then). Trevor assembles his team, including the young bobby who was first on the scene for one of the murders, and a fellow detective who is having trouble advancing because he is Jewish. They start investigating scenes, trying to find physical evidence that could link the murders to the killer. Why is no longer important.

There is a parallel story about the Bainbridge family, especially Tom and Leanna, who are in London and coincidentally connected to the murders because Trevor is friends with their aunt, with whom they are staying. There is a bit of intrigue with the Bainbridges which brings their story and the Ripper’s story together, and to a dramatic conclusion.

Because this is a Kindle book, there are some definite editing issues, as well as vocabulary issues. But the story is interesting and I had no idea who the Ripper was until just before he was revealed. It’s an enjoyable book, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.