narfna’s Book Exchange Post


So I got a package from Austria the other day, and it was pretty exciting. I’ve never gotten mail from Austria before. I don’t actually think I’ve gotten mail from any other country before? Yeah, that sounds accurate. Or maybe not. I’ll have to think about it. Anyway, it was SUPER exciting.


It came in a neat little bag with some Austrian candy and rubber ducks, which I think are an allusion to the book/author I got? Some quick googling tells me he wrote a book with rubber ducks int the title. Cinekat, you’re going to have to help me out here. If they’re just cute rubber ducks, let me know. Otherwise I will continue to read way too much into them.


I’ve never heard of Christopher Brookmyre before, but I have a couple Goodreads friends who’ve given his books five stars, and the plot sounds delightfully kooky, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Also, I really need to get better at reading literature from countries besides the U.S., Canada, and England.

Thanks, Cinekat, for the book, and thanks to Jen K for organizing!