Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #16: The Yugo – The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History by Jason Vuic

If only the Yugo were the worst thing we knew about the former Yugoslavia. The Yugo was both a great idea terribly executed, and a terrible idea that was much more successful than it deserved.   In the 1980’s a few people saw a hole in the American car market – a need for a cheap […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #15: The Devil You Know by Mike Carey

I’ve had Mike Carey’s The Devil You Know on my TBR list for a couple of years.  After I read Teresaelectro’s review of Thicker Than Water, I couldn’t resist.   I got it at Audible, narrated by Michael Kramer.  It was great. It’s a great first book in a series that looks like it gets more […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #14: The Queen of Attolia (book 2) by Megan Whalen Turner

“There are a lot of things a person with two hands couldn’t steal,” Eddis said. “So?” “If it’s impossible to steal them with two hands, it’s no more impossible to steal them with one. Steal peace, Eugenides. Steal me some time.” Eugenides, the thief of Eddis, is not where he’s supposed to be.  He has […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #13: The Thief (book 1) by Megan Whalen Turner

Gen is a thief who bragged too loudly after stealing the king’s seal and is now languishing in the king’s jail.   He also bragged that no jail could hold him, but he languishes until the king’s magus sends for him. “I want you to steal something.” I smiled. “Do you want the king’s seal? I […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #12: Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels 4) by Ilona Andrews

And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short. – Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan After reading a bunch of disappointing urban fantasy, I returned to the Kate Daniels series to remind myself how it should be done. The Kate Daniels series is a combination of urban fantasy and post-apocalypse.  The setting is a familiar […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #11: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

“You think you know how this story is going to end, but you don’t.”  – Biff Lamb is the story of Jesus (Joshua bar Joseph in the original Hebrew) as told by his childhood friend and traveling companion, Levi bar Alphaeus who is called Biff.  Biff and his gospel are missing from the New Testament […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #10: Discount Armegeddon by Seanan McGuire

First, I am continuing my ranting about disappointing books.  Second, I love Seanan McGuire’s October Daye books, so I expected to like her new series, InCryptid, as well. To add some context, the excellent October Daye books are emotional and fraught with loss.  I can understand why McGuire would want some relief from writing the […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review # 9: Elemental Assassin books 2 – 5, by Jennifer Estep

I tried to write 4 separate reviews for books 2 – 5 of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series.  The books, in case you want to read them, are Web of Lies, Venom, Tangled Threads, and Spider’s Revenge.  I couldn’t write four reviews because there just isn’t four books worth of plot distributed amongst them.  This […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #8: Spider’s Bite By Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco, aka The Spider, tells us she is the most feared assassin in the South.  We meet her first undercover in an insane asylum, where she efficiently takes out her target, a corrupt psychiatrist.   Her cover identity is as a dilettante, perpetual student, and waitress at a local barbeque joint.  The restaurant, The […]

Rochelle’s #CBR5 Review #7: Laura Meets Jeffrey by Jeffrey Michelson

Laura Meets Jeffrey: Both Sides of an Erotic Memoir is as much a travelogue of a journey to a fabled land as a memoir.   The world in this memoir doesn’t exist anymore.  There was a brief period of time between the wide availability of the birth control pill and the onset of herpes and AIDS […]