Previewing Summer 2013 Pajiba Book Club Selection: Shift by Hugh Howey

The steps to participating in the Pajiba Book Club are much easier than these.

The steps to participating in the Pajiba Book Club are much easier than these.

We’re bringing back the Pajiba Book Club this summer. You don’t have to post a review (though you should, because you’re behind, aren’t you?). You can participate in 3 easy steps:

  1. Check out lgesin’s preview post on Pajiba.
  2. Read Shift by Hugh Howey.
  3. Head back to Pajiba on Wednesday, August 7 to join in on the fun.

Who’s in?

Happy Summer!

Even James Bond reads during the summer!

Even James Bond reads during the summer!

(Yes I am counting Memorial Day as the beginning of summer – who wants to wait till the solstice?)

May was a HUGE month for us! Many congratulations to Jen K, who was the first of us to make it to 52. Read her winning review of Wool on Pajiba. Jen also won the second Cannonball Read back in 2010. Following Jen, Malin and and Narfna also made it to 52 in May. Who’s next? Check the list at the end to see the standings. As always, please make sure that at the very least, you’re posting links to the group blog so I can track the numbers. If you have any questions, do contact me.

You’ve heard a lot about Kickstarter lately, I’m sure, but I must direct you to this awesome kickstarter from Brian Prisco, founder of the first Cannonball Read. It was his original battle royale with AlabamaPink that got us where we are today. Brian started this kickstarter to fund the publication of his book of short stories, and let me tell you, Brian is one kickass writer. Read more from Brian himself: Continue reading

We’ll Read the Shirt Right Off Your Back!

Steve McQueen would wear a CBR shirt, would you?

Steve McQueen would wear a CBR shirt, would you?

You might have seen the Pajiba T-shirt shop on Zazzle. The lovely Scootsa1000 asked me about the possibility of a Cannonball Read T-shirt, and so I ask you the same.

Would you buy a T-shirt (or mug or hat), with some kind of CBR slogan/image? What if the proceeds went to fight cancer?

Yes it’s true, one more way to say “F%#$ Cancer!” Intern Rusty, instigator and manager of the Pajiba shop, has agreed that all profits from any CBR shirts/mugs/gifts we come up with could be donated to the American Cancer Society, just like our proceeds from the Cannonball Read Buy Hole!

What would said shirt/items look like., you ask? You tell me! Leave me a comment below, and give it your best shot. Any and all ideas welcome for slogans or general design ideas. More details to follow!

And the winner is….

Luise Rainer, the first woman to win two Oscars, holds her Best Actress award for her performance in The Great Ziegfeld during the 1937 Academy Awards ceremony.

Luise Rainer, the first woman to win two Oscars, holds her Best Actress award for her performance in The Great Ziegfeld during the 1937 Academy Awards ceremony.

Congratulations to the first person to reach the finish line of 52 reviews this year: Jen K! A second-time winner, Jen K (aka jennp421) also won the second Cannonball Read, back in 2010.

Check out her winning review, Wool by Hugh Howey, on Pajiba today.

And don’t let that stop you – you set a goal when you signed up, didn’t you? Have you met that goal yet? Well, get crackin’, the year’s not over yet!

Is it May already?

It’s been a while since I touched base with you, how are you coming along with your reviews? Any questions or problems? Drop me a line.

In recent CBR5 news, we did have our second free book offer, which was sent out to 2 lucky recipients. Last year we had a number of different offers, so if you didn’t make it in time for this one, you might be in luck for the next.
On Twitter, check out the @cannonballread favorited tweets which include a tweet from author, Jacob Tomsky, who mentions his new best friend @JamiePomerhn!

The leaderboard shows Jen K at 47 and Malin at 44 who are neck and neck in the 40’s. 52 is just right around the corner! Will Malin win two years in a row?

They are followed up by (to the best of my knowledge) the following folks who have completed at least a quarter cannonball so far:

  • narfna 39
  • Travis_J_Smith 38
  • popcultureboy 36
  • Lady Cordelia 34
  • Valyruh 32
  • badkittyuno 32
  • Shucks Mahoney 31
  • bonnie 31
  • JamiePomerhn 30
  • The Mama 27
  • Mrs. Julien 27
  • HelloKatieO 26
  • Captain Tuttle 24
  • Caitlin 23
  • KayKay 23
  • Sophia 21
  • iamnothamlet 19
  • Lollygagger 19
  • KatSings 19
  • taralovesbooks 19
  • Lisa Bee 18
  • loulamac 18
  • Reginadelmar 18
  • Scootsa1000 17
  • El Cicco 17
  • faintingviolet 17
  • alwaysanswerb 17
  • Julia 16
  • Rachie3879 15
  • Josephine 15
  • Shaman 15
  • Kash 15
  • Ashlie 14
  • Kira 14
  • Even Stevens 14
  • baxlala 13
  • Fancypants42 13
  • Katie 13

Please remember to post your reviews, or links to them, on the group blog. If you are behind in your reviews, never fear, you can still catch up. We’ve got eight months left of this wild race, and while our two leaders are closing in on 52, you’ve still got your own personal goal to attain.
January shoppers who clicked through our affiliate linked earned us over $70 in donations to the American Cancer Society, and we’ve got close to $50 in February. Don’t forget to click on the Cannonball Read Buy Hole before shopping on amazon. You don’t HAVE to buy the poster of Ryan Gosling, but after that click to the site a percentage of anything you order will go to the ACS. If you lose the link, just go to the Fight Cancer link on the group blog or click on the links in any CBR reviews on Pajiba.
Our most discussed book on Pajiba was The Princess Bride with 26 comments
Followed by

Reviews are posted on Pajiba almost every day, so please make time to go over and write a comment. If you can’t find that day’s post, head over to the Book Reviews archive and see what’s been up lately. Today’s post is a graphic novel, The Runaways, Vol. 1.
Thanks everyone and happy reading!

Let Me Call You Sweetheart as We Fight Cancer!

Audrey Hepburn with Heart and Arrow

Audrey could be my cupid, any day!

Shopping for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe your son, daughter, or other young person you love is having a birthday soon? Remember to enter through the Cannonball Read Buy Hole any time you’re buying books, chocolates, or anything else under the sun. If you can’t find this post or forget to bookmark it, click the “Fight Cancer” link above in the navigation and follow from there.

A percentage of anything you buy on will be donated to the Cannonball Read. 100% of any money received through this, the Amazon Affiliate program, will go directly to the American Cancer Society – “proud sponsor of birthdays.”.

See how we did in Cannonball Read 4!

Laurel and Hardy in Swiss Miss, 1938.

Money Makes the World Go Around: The Cannonball Read Buy Hole

A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound..

A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound..

From its launch last year to now, the Cannonball Read Buy Hole has raised $171.27! Click through to using our link, and we’ll donate a percentage of anything you buy there to the American Cancer Society.

Amazon Earnings Summary to date

Amazon Earnings Summary to date

Our referral rate is currently 6%. The more items clicked through to and bought on amazon give us a greater percentage. So go do some shopping! If you forget our link,, you can always find it on the “Fight Cancer” page on this blog.

To be completely transparent about the account, the actual donation in 2012 was $67.56, due to Amazon distributing payments 60 days after the end of each month. Future donations will be sent to ACS quarterly.

December 2012 receipt

December 2012 receipt

So tell your mom, tell your brother, tell your Gma to go fall down the Cannonball Read Buy Hole, and F*** CANCER!


In memory of Alabama Pink

You Are Cordially Invited…

It's a beautiful day to accept the WordPress invitation!

It’s a beautiful day to accept the WordPress invitation!

Don’t forget, Cannonballers. To finalize your registration in Cannonball Read V, you must be connected to the group blog. You should have received an email from this blog through, inviting you to be an author on the site.

So far the sign up numbers are good – many of you filled out the initial survey page to submit your email address and goals, etc. But there are still a lot of folks who haven’t connected with the group blog.

If you get stuck in an endless login loop or still aren’t sure what to do, check out this how-to page or the FAQ section. If all else fails, please contact me so I can troubleshoot with you.