Kt Bananacakes #CBR5 Review #1: Backseat Saints

I’ve posted my first EVER Cannonball Read review over at my blog.  I reviewed a book I read over my vacation, Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson:

The years of abuse between her father and her husband has created a double-nature in Rose — the sweet, soft, nervous Ro, who just wants to avoid triggering her husband Tom’s rages, and the fierce and angry Rose Mae, who longs to fire back.   A strange and brief encounter with her long-absent mother allows Rose Mae to wake up and realize that she is standing in her grave.  Her mother’s solution, though, is more extreme than just leaving.  She insists that, in order for Rose Mae to survive, Tom must be destroyed.

Three stars for this book — I enjoyed it, but it was a dark read considering it was my “vacation” read.