Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #105: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green



Because reading one YA novel dealing with cancer this year simply wasn’t enough. I had to have more. And effing eff, am I glad I read this book. Of course, everyone else in the world already has read it, so you all know how bloody wonderful it is. But don’t let that stop you reading my full review. It’s on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #104: The Woman Who Died A Lot by Jasper Fforde



After a disappointing book for my first Cannonball, I really wanted an ace book for the double. But I chose badly. In this seventh entry of the Thursday Next series, Fforde drives his creation right off the literary cliff. It’s a clumsy and over plotted mess. Such a shame. The full review is on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #103: Mary Ann In Autumn by Armistead Maupin



The ever delightful Tales of the City marches into an 8th book and its 30th year with this wonderful tale. If you want realism, look elsewhere. If you want larger than life, beautifully rounded characters doing crazy shit, then come on in. Full review is on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #102: Let’s Go Play At The Adams’ by Mendal W. Johnson



Not just terrifying, it’s also grim, bleak and unrelenting. Oh, and it’s gripping and unputdownable too. An all too believable story of five kids who take their babysitter hostage, it’s not an easy read, but it is a very worthwhile one. Full review is on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #101: The Teleportation Accident by Ned Beauman



A beautiful cover done a disservice by some ugly jacket copy (“A noir novel that turns all the lights on” indeed). It’s a very funny, very smart book, but ultimately not as funny and smart as it thinks it is. Undoubtedly original, falls short of being truly great. Full review is on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #100: The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling



A Big Novel About A Small Town. Rowling’s adult fiction debut could have used a bit more editing. It’s a pleasant enough diversion into the fictional town of Pagford and the lives of a several of its residents as they deal with the unexpected death of a town councillor. It’s twee and safe, good but not great. Full review is on my blog here.

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #99: Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk



For me, Palahniuk has been off his game for a while now. The heights of Survivor are a very long time ago. But I thought I’d give this a whirl, since it sounded crazy and fun and silly. It’s incoherent and tiresome, utterly devoid of merit. The full disappointed review is on my blog here

Popcultureboy’s #CBR5 Review #98: The Retribution by Val McDermid



The seventh book in McDermid’s endlessly popular series of novels featuring Tony Hill. This one also brings back her most notorious criminal invention, Jacko Vance, who escapes from prison and sets about ruining the lives of those he holds responsible for putting him there. It’s a breathlessly brilliant read that I just could not put down. Full review is on my blog here.