Alli’s #CBR5 Reviews 10,11,12 – Dark Tower Completion


Here are my final reviews for CBR5. I didn’t quite make my quarter cb goal for the year but I am excited to get started on CBR6! I will be using my twitter name this year @allibaba77 and I look forward to being a part of this wonderful community again.

I decided to compile them into one as I am not sure how much I will have to say about each one as they really do all fit together into a really long story. Of course although it doesn’t really need to be said, there will likely be spoilers so if you have not read the series and do not want to know about it then this is not the best place for you to be. Also my details might get all mixed up but that is the way things go sometimes.

Ok, so “Wolves of the Calla” really got me back interested in the story again. I enjoyed “Wizard and Glass” but it was almost entirely a flashback so I was glad to get back into our main story as that is where the heart of the tale lies. I was a bit concerned that we would never get back into our heros’ quest as this story takes us into another town, Calla Brin Sturgess where they have this unique problem where “wolves” come every generation or so and take some of their children and they are returned “roont” or ruined. Some of the citizens ask our gunslingers for help an although this aid takes up most of the book, I was glad that it really tied in well with the main story.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #9:Wizard and Glass by Stephen King

Ok so this is my last pending book review. In all honesty I started reading this book last year then didn’t finish. It is on my nook which I had put aside for a while but I packed it up on my recent trip to Jamaica and finished reading it on the beach (and in my cabin during a hellish day of heat exhaustion). Wizard and Glass is the 4th book in the Dark Tower Series. Here are the links to my reviews of the first three books.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #8: A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

So this was not a big year for me and reading clearly. This is another audio book review because what I did have a lot of this year as driving. Nick Hornby is another author that I willpretty much read anything that he puts forth so that is why I gave “A Long Way Down” a listen to. It was an interesting book to listen to as it is a story told from multiple perspectives and they decided to use multiple voice actors to read this tale. It made things amusing as you get to hear the actors impersonate the other characters in funny voices.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #7: Joyland by Stephen King

So it is pretty much a given that I will read every Stephen King book put in front of me (except 11/22/63 which has been on my shelf almost 2 years and I haven’t yet cracked the spine, maybe some day). So when I was seeking out a new audiobook to entertain me on my long drive days I stumbled upon this one and it didn’t take long for me to decide that it was for me.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #6: Booky Wook 2 by Russell Brand


My life sure did get hectic for me over the past few months and although I did some reading (not as much as I would like) I did not take the time to get on here to write the reviews. I thought about it a lot if that counts for anything, then it got to the point where it had been so long since I had written that it seemed impossible to get started writing the reviews. Then there is the problem of remembering both the names of the books I read as well as what I thought of them. I will do my best to catch myself up and get myself to the 1/4 cannonball goal for 2013.

I had rather enjoyed his first book, and reading over that review it seemed I felt at the time that the second was not quite as good. I had written that before I had finished reading it, but as I recall I didn’t love it but it wasn’t too bad either.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #5 – The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick


There is nothing quite like when you find a book that just sucks you right in and before you know it you have read a whole book in a day.  The Silver Linings Playbook was that kind of book for me.

I didn’t realize that this was also a book. I watched the movie a few months ago and quite enjoyed it although I found some parts slightly flawed. The book gave me similar feelings. I enjoyed the differences between the book and the movie and I think the two stand alone on their own merits. For anyone not familiar, this is a story of Pat Peoples who returns home after a stay in a neural health facility. He is taken home by his mother and lives a life filled with running, exercise, and trying to keep it together. His family life is flawed, his Dad is extremely emotionally distant and his mother tries to cover it up by being extra accommodating to everyone and not acknowledging the problems that exist.

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Alli’s #CBR5 Review #4 – Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

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I had forgotten to look out for this book until I read Malin’s review so I downloaded the book post haste. I didn’t get a chance to read it right away but once I did I jammed through the book fairly fast. I know that many people have issues with the documentation of mundane events in the books. I also do not really care about Sookie’s trip to Walmart but it is pretty cute that she goes shopping with a bunch of supes and divvies up the list to everyone. I don’t mind those aspects as much because Harris writes the characters in such a way that I don’t mind tagging along with them on errands and such. And often when on a random errand, something else does occur

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