Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #105 : Small Favor (The Dresden Files #10) by Jim Butcher

This is my last book of my first ever cannonball read, which I am reviewing at 12.15am Jan 1st 2014. I am at home with a chest infection seeing in the new year with some vitamin c and a wet cat (it is the U.K so it is pouring with rain).

It is fitting it is the 10th Dresden Files, the series I discovered doing cannonball and the one I have enjoyed the most. I do not include the Game of Thrones series in this as they are in a class of their own and are definitely my reading highlight of 2013.

I am not really in a ‘reviewing’ mode. All you need to know is that it is Dresden it is AWESOME and you should read it, after you have read the other nine of course!


But I wanted to say that this is the year I lost my Sister-in-Law suddenly and horrifically to brain cancer on February 18th. She was 32.

I was already committed to the Cannonball read by then, but what happened changed the year completely my emotional involvement in this and my ability to read!

So if you wonder at my random selection of books and my less than stellar reviews, this is why.

I would like to dedicate my Cannonball to Zywena; a doer not  a reader (unlike me) but often, like Dresden, seriously kick arse!

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