Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #101 : E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout

Well, this is kind of what it says on the tin title wise. Another thoughts effect the universe self-help book. Though the word ‘prove is debatable. Well, if it comes to that it is all debatable.

I did really like this book, it is practical and straight forward instead of drowning in metaphysical waffityness and these books often can be. I tried the first exercise, I do plan to try the rest, and was rewarded with an hour of rain free walking in an otherwise monsoon day and a rainbow.


Now it could easily be coincidence that it didn’t rain whilst I was out of the house and started pouring shortly after I got home. The fact that I asked it not to rain for an hour or so so I could take a walk could be neither here nor there. I would suggest reading the book and giving the experiments a try, you don’t have anything to lose.

OR do you? I never thought that books like this could hurt anyone, and I think individually they don’t but I saw a really interesting lecture online about how the cult of ‘ the power of positive thinking’ is leading to a hands off blame orientated society.

I had never thought about it like that. But charity donations and volunteering are down in the western world and an ethos of think yourself better is becoming endemic. Why help the poor and the sick when they can just think themselves rich, healthier, happier? And that chimed uncomfortably with me.

I do believe that thinking positively has a physical impact and make you feel better and I think you can play with such notions as long as you are careful to keep an open mind.

BUT I equally do not think that people are dropping dead from brain tumours like my Sister in law this year, or are born into abuse and poverty as they haven’t learnt to control the energy of the universe by their thoughts. I also think David Cameron is an entitled millionnaire c**t because his father was one and his before him. I think we could do with a bit more revolution and a lot less introspection in the millennium.

I am more comfortable with a buddhist ethos of love others, live in love and show your love through action.  Don’t think. Do!

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