BrittaneyNichole’s #CBR5 Review #4 Neferet’s Curse by P.C. and Kristin Cast

This is a short novela that is part of the House Of Night series.  I actually really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t expecting to because Neferet is a character I can’t stand, but this book actually made me like her a little bit.  Neferet is the main villain in the House Of Night series and this is the story of her life before she became a vampyre.  

This book takes place in Chicago 1893.  Neferet’s real name is Emily Wheiler.  Her mother just died recently and her dad is making her take her mother’s place.  Throughout the book the father becomes more crazed with Emily and starts to envision her as her mother.  There’s a scene at the end of the book where he rapes her, that was tough to read.  Emily tries to think of plans through the book to escape living with her dad.  Eventually she plans to marry Aurthur, which causes her old friends to go against her.  One of her friends was hoping to marry Aurthur, and Emily managed to get to him first leaving her friends angry.  Shortly after being abused by her father Emily escapes the house and runs to Aurthur hoping to move in with him immediately, but before he gets home she is turned into a vampyre.  Aurthur is disgusted by Emily becoming a vampyre and changes his mind about the marriage. Now that Emily is all alone she goes to the vampyre school The House Of Night.  The teachers tell her that she can now move on from her old life and start new.  Emily changes her name to Neferet but still feels as though she can’t move on, so she goes back to her house to kill her father.  

There’s a lot of interesting detail in this book about why the character Neferet is so entranced by the white bull, which was interesting to learn after reading so many of the past House Of Night books.  I recommend this book.  It’s pretty interesting, and it helped me to actually appreciate a character that I originally couldn’t stand. 

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