Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #96 : Dogstar by Philip Dalkin, Alan King

Here is what it is about- “The year is 2347. Every living thing has to move to a new planet. But along the way, the Dogstar, a space-ark filled with all the world’s canines, goes missing. The Clark kids set out on a brave quest to rescue their beloved pet, Hobart. But with an evil genius and a rock-throwing alien tribe pitted against them, will they ever find him?”


I will give you three guesses whether they find him or not but I don’t think you will need that many. Another really good children’s book that frankly KICKS GOOSEBUMPS ARSE! Though to be fair it is very different subject matter. Well written and funny. I liked it a LOT!

Oh and even though it is the picture of the audio book, I read the paperback, all the words, all by myself! That’s what an MA in English can do for you  ;  )

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