Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #94 : Put Out The Light by Terry Deary

Terry Deary, best know for his excellent Horrible Histories books, does a very good line in historic fiction generally if this book is anything to go by. And is certainly no slacker as this is his 200th book!


Set in both Dachu and Sheffield it covers the stories of  of two different groups of children: in Sheffield we follow the story as narrated by young Billy Thomas who was kept form evacuation by his parents along with his younger sister, whilst in Dachau, Germany the story is told from the third person and focuses on Manfred and his friend Hansl.

Covering bombing, theft, concentration camps (and the brutality there in) and daring escapes on both sides of the channel this is a brilliant book. It shows the 2nd world war from a child’s view without ever being patronising, childish, overly didactic or purely political. A fine line to tread, and one that Deary manages with ease and heart.


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