Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #86 : Say Cheese – And Die Screaming (Goosebumps HorrorLand #8) by R.L. Stine

Ok, so I’m not proud of this, clearly really not proud as am using the same review for ALL these books more or less,  but when your back is against the wall and someone throws you a life line it is hard to say no. So when my friend gave me a load of books to take to the charity (thrift) shop I had a look and they were all very easy to read and over 100 pages and I thought  “so they are meant for kids and yes the print is a bit umm fatter than average, but it is the end of November and I have several many books till I get to 104, so what the hell…”  and then begins a hard week or so of my life.


These books are soooooooo Sooooooo SOOOOOO formulaic! The protagonist is between 10-12 years of age always a bit of an outsider, a bit of a geek and unconventional looking, with an annoying younger sibling and an even more annoying propensity TO NEVER THINK THINGS THROUGH! But then it kind of serves me right for bending the rules, sort of to get to a double cannonball in time. SO unless you are trying to speed read your way out of a corner, or are a 10 year old boy (of all the books of these I read, about 20, only two protagonists were girls) steer clear. At best they are readable at worst they are painful this one was ok, stale biscuit verses no biscuit!

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