Arya of Winterfell’s #CBRV Review #20: Pushed by Jennifer Block

Block_97807382116645As a Canadian and non-mother reading this book five years after it was published, not everything is applicable and current, but Pushed was eye-opener that I’m glad to have stumbled across.  I was impressed with the research and Block’s persuasive exposé that includes a few practical suggestions towards solutions that reads to me like effective journalism.  Block takes issue with high Caesarean rates and routine labour inductions in US hospitals and rolls back time to figure out why childbirth and modern maternity care in US hospitals has deteriorated as such.  My use of “deteriorated” here may seem inflammatory, but in the context of the medical system Block exposes as motivated to overuse modern obstetric technology because of fear of litigation versus what is most healthy for mothers (and babies), perhaps this verb isn’t strong enough.

Read more here:

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