Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #65 : The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse (Nancy Clue & Cherry Aimless #1) by Mabel Maney

Ok, so the circumstances around my obtaining and reading this book are a lot more fun than the book itself.  I found it in a bookshop in the Castro when completely lost on holiday there and it was right next to the best pie shop ever and I had my first (but soooooo not my last  slice of chocolate peanut butter cream pie) and I thought “this is a gay book set in San Francisco about a gay visitor to San Francisco, I have found in a gay book shop in San Francisco, as a gay visitor to San Francisco! Therefore I must buy it!”

Sadly that is much more interesting than the book, which is a mild parody and overt Lesbian-ing of Nancy Drew and Famous five books. But DAMN that was good pie!


I say overt Lesbianing as, come on, Tomboy George in Famous Five and frankly anything with Nancy in the title.. If you have read such books as a kid and hold a fond nostalgia for them then you may enjoy this. I hadn’t and didn’t. So to me it was  just a not very good or sexy Lesbian thriller. It is a bit sexy to be fair and the 50s setting is fun. Read it whilst eating pie. It will help!


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