Josephine’s #CBR5 Review #42 :Looking For Rachel Wallace (Spenser #6) by Robert B. Parker

When a feminist lesbian author gets death threats, Spenser is hired to protect her. After he is dismissed, Rachel Wallace is kidnapped. Can Spenser bring her back alive?

Ok I have reviewed several many Spensers and will review several many more before my blogging is up to date so call me a lazy Mo Fo if you like, go on, it is true and it is not as if I can hear you, but I am just going to say: 


I read this, it was Spenser= AWESOME….IN PARTS…

In other parts it was almost throw across the room annoying for a Lesbian reader! It was written in 1980, which excuses a lot of the painful, often insulting psychobabble, that is almost 1950s in its weak father+tough mother= gay etc etc. Luckily Rachel Wallace kicks arse when she is not being a spiky feminist stereotype and you know, it is still Spenser. I would read it with a pinch of salt, actually a rim of salt around several margaritas!



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