Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Review #97: Kind of Cruel (Spilling CID #7) by Sophie Hannah


Oh, Sophie Hannah. You are so good at writing books that make me stay up way too late because I HAVE to know how they finish.

Here’s the set up for this one: Amber Hewerdine goes to see a hypnotherapist for her insomnia. Amber’s life is pretty stressful: her best friend recently died in an arson attack, and left Amber in charge of her two daughters. Plus Amber’s sister-in-law takes every opportunity to hurt her, while acting like a perfect angel to the rest of the family. And then there was that incident at Christmas a few years ago, when half the family disappeared for 24 hours without ever explaining why…

Amber is a much better narrator than in some of the other books; she’s confident and daring, even though she suspects that she’s going crazy. Of course, she’s got her secrets, too, from not only her family but the reading audience as well.

Like any book by Hannah (in my experience), the ending doesn’t *quite* live up to the rest of the book. But it’s still a fun read, trying to guess everyone’s secrets and how all the plotlines come together. Charlie & Simon haters will be happy that the book focuses mostly on Amber, and the two detectives are given an even smaller role than normal. I, for one, love those two lunatics and was pleased to see that some of their personal issues are not quite resolved, but worked through at least a little bit. Oh, and the Snowman is back! Yay!


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