CBR Gift Exchange: Thanks Caitlin!

I’ve been working from home, which means shopping online has been my jam. All the Amazon and ASOS deliveries have been really driving my mother mad. She shoved this box at me in exasperation at another box sitting on the porch me.

Much to my surprise, it was from Caitlin for the CBR Gift Exchange. I didn’t expect my gift to arrive so soon.


Gift wrapped books!

Gift wrapped books!


Yay for Sandman Vol. 1!

Yay for Sandman Vol. 1!

I felt like Christmas/Birthday come early with 3 books and lots of fun stuff. I’ve always been meaning to read the Sandman comics, so now I have no excuses. And I love Ray Bradbury, so excited to have a shiny new copy for my personal library.

Thanks Caitlin for the awesome stuff!

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