Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Review #94: The Other Woman’s House (Spilling CID #6) by Sophie Hannah


Sophie Hannah’s books are republished in America under new titles, so The Other Woman’s House was originally published as Lasting Damage, which seems like a more appropriate title for this thriller.

I have read every one of Hannah’s Spilling CID novels, except for Kind of Cruel, which I’m starting now. Her books follow similar patterns, but never get dull. They’re typically narrated by middle aged women in shitty situations, often either unable to trust their spouse or hiding a secret themselves. There’s a common element of suffocating families and weak mothers. The narrators are always unreliable. In each novel, the crime is investigated by police officers Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse, two of the most frustrating individuals I’ve ever encountered in fiction. All of this sounds bad, but I love these damn books.

Hannah weaves convoluted stories which bend and twist and make the books impossible to put down. In The Other Woman’s House, the main character, Connie Bowskill, sees a dead body on a real estate website at 1am. By the time her husband enters the room, the body is gone. The reasons that she was on that website, looking at that house — all of that ties into the strange relationship she has with her husband. The identity of the woman does, too.

Hannah writes good thrillers with hard to guess endings. If you like that sort of thing, check this series out. Start at the beginning, though — Charlie and Simon are confusing enough even if you’ve known them all along.

2 thoughts on “Badkittyuno’s #CBR5 Review #94: The Other Woman’s House (Spilling CID #6) by Sophie Hannah

  1. Yes! I read my first Hannah thriller last month (The Carrier) and was frustrated by the characters so much, but they really wriggled under my skin. You nailed it.

  2. The Carrier, man that one is BLEAK. Equally, Kind of Cruel is hardly rockets bells and poetry. I’ve read those two, but not Lasting Damage, which is on my list. If you haven’t already, tweet her at @sophiehannahCB1, she has read and chatted to me about the reviews I’ve posted of both those books.

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