#BookExchange Goodies!

December is a crazy month for me, as it is for many. The first week was spent working seven straight days, the second week dominated by three snowstorms, the third week is shaping up to be a runaround of gift giving and obligation meeting mixed with dealing with the leak from my upstairs neighbor’s bathtub, and the last 10 days will be spent traveling to visit family and friends for the holidays.

In all of this, I seem to have misplaced my holiday spirit. But, thanks to Jen K for organizing and Alli (allibaba77) for considerately gifting, I seem to have relocated it.

I danced with joy when I opened my mailbox Friday evening and found the lovely box waiting for me. Inside I found chocolates and sparkly paper wrapped gifts.


(the White Christmas gang thought it looked lovely)

When I opened the wrapping paper I found:

ImageThe Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, both books that ended up on my to read list thanks to the Cannonball. I look forward to reading and reviewing both as part of CBR6.

Many thanks Alli, and I hope this is a new tradition we continue in the future!

-Katie (faintingviolet)


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