It was the best of books, it was the worst of books.

What were the three best and three worst books you read this year? They do not have to have been published this year, but I’m working on our best and worst lists for Pajiba.

So drop me a line or post in the comments below. If you include your review link, I’ll add it to the post.

5 thoughts on “It was the best of books, it was the worst of books.

  1. I have quite a few books from other people’s best of the year list on my reading list for December (to complete a bunch of reading challenges), so I’d also to leave my choices until the very last minute. And like Mrs. J, I so hope that Courtney Milan’s new novel will be in my top 3. I’ve also read so much this year that I may have to do top 3 lists in various genres, I don’t think I could choose just three.

    • Alexis, finally getting to all of the recommendations. The post will run tomorrow 12/26 if you can send me a list of the 5 titles and authors, I’ll add them! Help me out and list them “Book Title by Author.” Thanks!

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