Alexis’s #CBR5 Review #7-#12

Hi Cannonballers,

Frequent reader/commenter who never posts, hi nice to meet you. In an end-of-year last ditch effort to not get myself uninvited back next year I’m going to share some brief reviews of the absolute best books I’ve read this year – all highly recommended!

saga Five Stars – Romantic, disturbing, gorgeous, and utterly original Saga is one of the first comics I’ve ever read and this non-comic reader urges you to consider adding these (Vol 1 & 2) to your Christmas list. Inter-species and forboden romance in a space saga by way of David Lynch. Fantastic. Note: For mature readers only – There is the occasional X-rated visual in these books so if comic sex is a deal-breaker for you, best to steer clear. Also – there is a cat that says, “Liar” whenever anybody nearby attempts a fabrication. I desperately want to own this cat.

flowersfromthestorm Five Stars – While nowhere near on par with Mrs. Julien or Malin, I read more romance novels than I would comfortably admit to in public. Most are fun and forgettable little truffles – if prompted I would have a hard time remembering what happened later and have been caught out re-buying books I’ve already read. Flowers From the Storm is not a forgettable truffle. Jervaulx is a reckless Duke who suffers a stroke leaving him painfully and humiliatingly vulnerable. Maddy is the stalwart Quaker who becomes his personal nurse. Their journey is painful and heartrending and fabulous. One of the best romance novels of all time.

dreamthieves Five Stars – The Dream Thieves is book #2 in Stiefvater’s Raven Boys series. The first book, Raven Boys, focuses largely group of prep school friends hunt for an ancient and mythical King Glendower who, if found, will grant you a wish. The second book expands the breadth of mysteries by getting more involved with the family of clairvoyants, the fay land of Cabeswater, and the Grey Man. None of this will mean anything to you and I hesitate to give even scant details because this is a book best approached with no foreknowledge. Stiefvater deftly juggles multiple characters and mysteries shrouded in a palpable sense of doom. I adore this series and am desperately counting the days until book #3 comes out.

thorns Emperor of Thorns closes the chapter of King Jorg, one of the darkest most richly-drawn and unforgettable anti-heroes of all time. By this book, young Jorg has killed, clawed, and betrayed his way into his own Kingdom, barely pausing before continuing his quest to be Emperor. He’s got a new child on the way, is beset on all sides by enemies, is hunted by the Dead King, and is a downright vicious bastard. This complex series comes to a close with haunting brilliance. Start at the beginning – Prince of Thorns. You have to frankly, the author, brilliant Mark Lawrence, will spoon feed you nothing and assumes that you’ve got the cast of characters well in hand from the start. Spectacular read, well-deserving of a place on every “best of all time” fantasy list.

fangirl Five Stars – Fangirl is easily one of the most delightful books I’ve read all year – fantastic characters, engaging romance, and the fan fiction is so compelling I want her to write an entire series of Simon Snow slash fiction because I would devour them all. I can’t remember the last time a book made me smile as much as this one did. Best book of the year, hands down!

6 thoughts on “Alexis’s #CBR5 Review #7-#12

  1. Once Emperor of Thorns is out in paperback, I intend to read the whole trilogy. Saga is the best! I can’t wait for the next volume to come out. I adore every single character in it, and I love that a romance novel is crucial to the plot. You liked the Dream Thieves more than me, but I’m so hooked on the series now. I just hope Stiefvater manages to deliver on all the lovely promise of the first two books.

    • I have all three in hardback and I almost NEVER spring for hardback. That being said, reading them in a row would be wise because the author assumes you remember everything in great detail (Dream Thieves did a bit of this also) despite the fact that it’s been over a year since the last book came out. But Lawrence specifically refers to things/characters from previous books with nary a glance back so while I struggled a bit, you’ll sail on through. Will be curious to see what you think when the time comes!

    • PS. I only got Saga based on the strength of your review as I’m:
      a) Not a comic book person and
      b) Blanch at the idea of spending $9.99 on a book.

      But it was worth it – thanks for the great tip! 🙂

      • Oh, I feel so flattered now. I took quite some time to read Saga myself, because I was so upset by something Brian K. Vaughan did at the end of Y: the Last Man. I feel foolish now, because it’s so awesome, but at the same time,because I waited, I got to read both volumes in one go. If I’d read it just after my husband got the first volume, I’d have had to wait months for the second, which is what I’m now doing impatiently with regards to the third one.

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