Malin’s Book Exchange Post – look what I got!

This week, I’m mostly off work, because I have a home exam to write about Norwegian 19th Century literature and language history. It’s a big and difficult essay to write, and so far I’m not making as much progress as I would like (luckily the essay isn’t due until Monday lunch-time, and I write well under pressure). Because the kids I teach are in the middle of their mid-terms, I had to go into school today to help out for a bit, and as suspected, the day ended up being longer than planned and quite stressful. I spent more than half an hour comforting hysterically crying girls, and then, because I was tired and cranky, ended up having a particularly pointless argument with my husband over the phone, about all things, who was to be in charge of making dinner. But all the suck of my day disappeared in a flash when I got home and opened the postbox. A big box from Amazon, with my name on it!

Thank you so much, Jen K, for the lovely books that made the evening of a crappy day such a happy one, and motivated me to keep writing on this stupid essay, so I can get back to reading for pleasure again. I think I’m going to save at least one of them for my Christmas holiday, when the husband and I are going to Morocco. And thanks again for suggesting the book exchange in the first place. I enjoyed selecting the books for my recipient almost as much as I enjoyed getting books of my own. I hope we can continue this tradition in years to come!

2013-12-04 21.32.45

3 thoughts on “Malin’s Book Exchange Post – look what I got!

    • You can’t quite see it in the picture, but the edges of the pages are blue, too! I’m so excited this arrived. I basically only bought it for the cover and then didn’t read it for a few months because I was afraid I’d just been sucked in by a pretty cover. And then I loved it. Kind of like I didn’t read The Night Circus forever.

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